DIY: Make your own cards

Hi there! I thought today I should share some DIY ideas on how to make your own cards. Do you remember when you were a kid (once upon a time…) and that you were writing long letters to your friends? Well, since how long have you not done that? I bet since a long time!!! […]

2 Jul 2015


DIY: Candles Making

Today my friends I am super excited to share with you a post on how to make candles! I have an insane candles consumption, I am candles addict or candles crazy (am I the only one??). It is saturday and it is raining here in London, so before I start to bake my cookies, let me […]

23 May 2015


Oh healthy me! Avocado and tomato salad

Oh dear!!! We are having a massive issue here. Let me explain :since I have arrived in London, I have gained some weights (no way!): no time to cook, no time to eat properly and take away, take away…and again take away food! Result: extra kilos. Solution: Gym and healthy food. Before I go to […]

13 May 2015


Run away to Regent’s Park with me

Hello my friends! Let’s run away together? London is amazing, London is fabulous but London is so exhausting… It takes all your energy, probably because you pushed yourself too hard. If you are familiar with this feeling, then you may want to escape inside the city and within a few tube stations, well I do […]

8 May 2015

Behind the blog

M for Morgi

Hi there! Today I thought I would let you know a bit more about me… and to be honest that is not so easy to write about myself and maybe a bit scary as well (but let’s give it shot, you only live once, right?)!! Yeah! I often got the question: why Morgi? Morgi is […]

6 May 2015


Beauty Giveaway

Oh dear! Tonight let’s celebrate! There is actually NOT much to celebrate, but I have moved to London, I am happy here and I want to share this with you. Or maybe let’s share the fact that you are still here following me from an adventure to another one, from a cold country to a […]

4 May 2015