The London Move

I have a very personal story to tell you today and I think that many of you can relate to this experience. A year ago, I moved to London and found a beautiful room with wonderful flatmates in a very cosy area: Swiss Cottage. I shared the place with 3 guys with which I got […]

6 Mar 2016


Bye bye 2015! Ready for 2016?

Bye bye 2015 and Happy New Year to all of you my friends, all over the world! May 2016 brings you LoVe, HaPPiness, HealTh and all you have ever wished for 🙂 I guess it is that time of the year where you realize all the things you have accomplished in the past one… For […]

1 Jan 2016

United Kingdom

A day in the Cotswolds

Have you ever been outside London? Not yet? Guys, it is about time…! Some of my friends here always spend their week-end in London. London is fun, amazing , but also exhausting and I cherish so much these little “escapades” in the countryside. A day in the Cotsworlds is ideal to recharge the batteries…let me […]

8 Nov 2015


Sunday Brunch in Shoreditch

Sunday is holy to me: it is the only day of the week I chose to do whatever I want and chose to spend it with whoever I want (nobody owns my sunday!!). And Sunday has to match with “quality time”. I rarely go to East London as it takes a while (and usually I […]

18 Oct 2015


My hair likes Australian Organics

When it comes to my hair, I take the matter very seriously, don’t you? I grew up watching Disney movies, thinking my hair would grow fast, would be long and beautiful (and also that I would become a princess) … I am afraid it does not always work like in the movie unfortunately (really??). I […]

9 Aug 2015


Cowshed Spa

I strongly believe that every now and then, we do need a treat. Do you follow me? Personally I like to book for a treatment when I am done after a crazy week at work or if I feel like I need some “Me Time!”. As I am quite new to London and still in […]

2 Aug 2015


Triple Chocolate Cookies

Hi my friends! How was your long week-end? The sun was shinning here in London and it was the perfect kind of weather for an improvised  pic-nic in Regent’s park. OK I’m getting lost already…the subject of the post is not about my shinny day (how sad) but about the triple chocolate cookies that I have […]

10 Jul 2015