London is addictive and getting out of London is also addictive and vital! Without any plan, accommodation or idea of where exactly we were going and to do what, one morning my friend and I, we just spontaneously drove for 5 hours to reach our final destination: the Cornwall.

Cornouailles Blue sky, dark blue ocean, light blue converse: the perfect combo to spend a sensational week-end. No traffic, empty roads in the deep countryside, smiley faces everywhere : I think we just reached paradise. With three days in the region, we decided in the car to visit the 3/4 top sites to not miss:

  1. The Tintagel Castle
  2. Walk along the Cliffs and beaches on Land’s End
  3. The Mont St-Michael
  4. The Eden Project.

On the first day, we stopped at the ruins of the  Tintagel Castle, a place inextricably linked to the King’s Arthur legend. As a kid, I had always been fascinated by the myth and of course as my name is Morgane, I have had dozens of time the comparison “Morgane, like the Fairy in the legend” (sometimes I also get “like Morgan Freeman” so overall it is not that bad) so going there was a must seen on my to-do. Roi arthur - Cornouailles

Without any accommodation booked, we managed to find a real hidden gem, a lovely Country House, named Rosa in Vale. Decorated in a pure Bristish style, it is located in the nature near St Agnes (we looked first at Newquay but hated it and would strongly recommend to avoid this city). We are still remembering the great memories of the nice dinners, breakfast in bed, comfortable rooms, and all the Champagne we brought and drank in the room. You got to keep going!

Cornwall Rosa In Vale - Cornwall

We dedicated our second day to a lovely long walk from St Just until Land’s End – which is literally the end of the Cornwall, recommended by the locals. We walked through beautiful beaches, cliffs, saw a deer, lots of cows, dunkeys, snakes (it pursued us NOT to have a pic nic on the grass) and had a fantastic Cornwall Crab sandwich (damm it is making me hungry just thinking about it!). If I may give you some advise about the “walk”, do not try to find a short cut…we tried and instead of “vini, vidi, vici”, we got lost, ended up in the mud, crawling in the grass to avoid the cows (with have big horns!) that were starring at us.

Crab sandwich - Cornouailles

Want to know what we have done in St Michael and how we found the Eden Project?? Well just read the next blog post :),  I have to go to bed for now!



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