Do you want to see a big smile on the face of your friends when they open their birthday present? I do too! For once, I decided to use my 10 fingers (it can not be so hard right?) to modestly do something on my own. Not that I am a particulary creative person, even less of an artist, but making something special for someone special is quite self rewarding. Easy as 1-2-3, you will see. I also spent years reading Make My Lemonade or A Beautiful Mess, blogs that I found so f**** inspiring…and it encourages me in a such positive way to just do things on my own.

DIY Jewelry Box

SO I decided to make a DIY- Jewelry Box. I went around Chalk farm, in Camden, and found a little art shop, where you can a lot of nice supplies whether it is pearls, feathers, papers, calligraphy pens… I had no idea what to do or what to chose. And I found a wood box, bought some acrylic painting, some varnish and thought that this would do :). Well as I said I am no artist or big creative, but I decorated the box and played with the colors to make something colorful (for some reasons anything colorful makes me super happy).

DIY Jewelry Box

Guess what? My friend, Florentine, was delighted about my gift so I did see a big smile on her face. That makes even more proud (lol) and I have now so many DIY in mind like making my own candles, soaps, face creams, masks for my hair, food recipes, accessories, jewelry…after all, there is no limit to your own imagination. You can now expect to see loads more of DIY here and I hope you will enjoy it and share with me your own?

Have a lovely evening my friends :)! Night Night!

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