Angel Wings - London Angel is my new favorite area in London (I think there must be a new one every 6 months), probably because of all the diversity of bars and restaurants…and the Vintage shops – where I have actually found the perfect vintage wedding dress (you know for the Big Day that is not gonna happen soon, not even in a million years)!

The curious name of “Angel”comes from the Angel Inn, built in 1639 on the site of Islington Hight Street. Of course, the original has disappeared but the name was then given to the area. There is also the Angel Wings sculpture by Wolfgang and Heron…but a part from that, you will not find any angel with a bow or flying around!

Lunch in Angel

Since I have moved to North London, the streets of Angel have became my main playground on the week-end. Last saturday, I was out with Jules, another French expat who came here to make his “American Dream” come true and… (OMG) the weather was so nice, we even dared to eat outside, on the “terasse”!

An address I would strongly recommend you to go for brunch or late lunch:

  •  The Elk in the Woods – a bit of an “hipster bourgeois” coffee shop/restaurant which a very “just out of the factory” interior decoration theme (if you get in, it will make sense, I am quite out of vocabulary for now).  The Eggs Benedict are just my favorite there and if you fancy a Bloody Mary with it, go for it! Budget: 10-12£ for a brunch and a cappucino.The address is: 37-39 Camden Passage, London N1 8EA. Website:

An adress I would absolutely NOT recommend you to go for brunch or late lunch:

  • The Breakfast Club – it is hard to miss as there is usually about 20 people waiting outside to enter in. I was personally not impressed neither by the quality of the food, the service… I think  it has became a bit too popular and the quality has been lowered. It is also located in Camden passage, but I would you to pass your way :).
  • Angel - VIntage Shop

After a lovely lunch, we have walked around the streets, check out the little independent shops but why not walking near by the river as well?

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