Triple Chocolate Cookies graphic

Triple Chocolate Cookies

Hi my friends! How was your long week-end? The sun was shinning here in London and it was the perfect kind of weather for an improvised  pic-nic in Regent’s park. OK I’m getting lost already…the subject of the post is not about my shinny day (how sad) but about the triple chocolate cookies that I have […]

Oh healthy me! Avocado and tomato salad graphic

Oh healthy me! Avocado and tomato salad

Oh dear!!! We are having a massive issue here. Let me explain :since I have arrived in London, I have gained some weights (no way!): no time to cook, no time to eat properly and take away, take away…and again take away food! Result: extra kilos. Solution: Gym and healthy food. Before I go to […]

Salted coconut and chocolate chips cookies graphic

Salted coconut and chocolate chips cookies

Oh dear! How have been the week for you? It is almost the week-end and I am sure some of you will have a nice 3 days break! Do you remember that in my last post, I told you I promised my roommates I would make cookies for them (yeah that was last saturday, I […]

Caramel Mug Cake recipe graphic

Caramel Mug Cake recipe

I have started to make Mug Cakes less than a year ago. I found it so easy. Imagine, it is midnight, you have no sweet stuff to eat and you are craving for a piece of cake: try  to make a Mug Cake ! Or imagine, it is snowy, cold and you are bored on […]

Homemade chocolate – coconut – nuts cookies graphic

Homemade chocolate – coconut – nuts cookies

Oh dear! I was craving for some delicious cookies today. I never did this recipe while it is such a classic, right? I always imagined it was complex to make it but seriously if you compare it to baking some madeleines, it is just a “piece of cake”. I love spending sundays in my kitchen […]