Homemade chocolate – coconut – nuts cookies graphic

Homemade chocolate – coconut – nuts cookies

Oh dear! I was craving for some delicious cookies today. I never did this recipe while it is such a classic, right? I always imagined it was complex to make it but seriously if you compare it to baking some madeleines, it is just a “piece of cake”. I love spending sundays in my kitchen […]

Pop Cakes Recipes graphic

Pop Cakes Recipes

My best friend has just left, she came with her two kids and it is time for me to blog a bit 🙂 Guess what I have make with the kids? A Pop Cake Cooking “Atelier”! The recipe is super easy. You will need: – 30 gr of flour – 30 gr of sugar – […]

Lemon and peach drink graphic

Lemon and peach drink

Since I spent a year in Texas, I have banished from my life (and I’m pretty serious) all kind of soft drink (but sometimes I let myself tempted though:)). So here is my trick to make a sweet drink: I simply add some fruits! For this drink, I have squeezed half a lemon, cut a […]

Vegetarian Rice with Sweet Potatoes graphic

Vegetarian Rice with Sweet Potatoes

As you can see from my latest posts, I am really into food at the moment. I am a food lover. As I live on my own I barely buy meat as the quantity on the supermarket are way too big for a single person. I would hate to waste and to throw to the […]

Oreo Mug Cake graphic

Oreo Mug Cake

This afternoon I can not resist to share with you my latest mug cake: the Orea Mug Cake!  Ladies, if we have 5 minutes, I believe we should start now 🙂 Cette après-midi, j’ai pas pu résister à l’envie de partager avec vous mon nouveau coup de coeur: le Mug Cake Oreo! Une tuerie, allez les […]

Courgette and Basilic Soup graphic

Courgette and Basilic Soup

How about a delicious soup for tonight that you can either eat warm or cold? Yummy! Spring always make me want to have some nice mediterranean vegetables like courgettes or eggplants… so I have made some nice cream of courgette with basilica that I am growing myself. Et pourquoi pas se régaler d’une bonne soupe […]

Apple and cheese Salad graphic

Apple and cheese Salad

I renonce to eat the food of the cafeteria at my work place. Instead of that I bring every day my own food at work. This way, I don’t waste and I eat healthier. Some of you are gonna think that you need a lot of extra time to do so but it is not […]