Charlotte Olympia – Sample Sales graphic

Charlotte Olympia – Sample Sales

One of the greatest (I hope the audience reading this post is purely feminine) discovery I have made in London was the Sample Sales. Bingo! Couture or high-end clothes, shoes at unbeatable prices. Maybe you already know about it? Honestly I have spent two years and a half in the deep country side in Switzerland […]

[UN]REAL Exhibition by Peihang Huang graphic

[UN]REAL Exhibition by Peihang Huang

I have been blessed to meet wonderful people in London. Peihang Huang is one of them. I have met her at her birthday celebration dinner in August and we clicked right away. Pei is an artist, a painter, originally from Taipei who chose London to fulfill her dreams. I don’t know about you but I was always admired artists […]

A day in Angel – London graphic

A day in Angel – London

Angel is my new favorite area in London (I think there must be a new one every 6 months), probably because of all the diversity of bars and restaurants…and the Vintage shops – where I have actually found the perfect vintage wedding dress (you know for the Big Day that is not gonna happen soon, not […]

DIY – Jewelry Box graphic

DIY – Jewelry Box

Do you want to see a big smile on the face of your friends when they open their birthday present? I do too! For once, I decided to use my 10 fingers (it can not be so hard right?) to modestly do something on my own. Not that I am a particulary creative person, even […]

The London Move graphic

The London Move

I have a very personal story to tell you today and I think that many of you can relate to this experience. A year ago, I moved to London and found a beautiful room with wonderful flatmates in a very cosy area: Swiss Cottage. I shared the place with 3 guys with which I got […]

Bye bye 2015! Ready for 2016? graphic

Bye bye 2015! Ready for 2016?

Bye bye 2015 and Happy New Year to all of you my friends, all over the world! May 2016 brings you LoVe, HaPPiness, HealTh and all you have ever wished for 🙂 I guess it is that time of the year where you realize all the things you have accomplished in the past one… For […]

Sunday Brunch in Shoreditch graphic

Sunday Brunch in Shoreditch

Sunday is holy to me: it is the only day of the week I chose to do whatever I want and chose to spend it with whoever I want (nobody owns my sunday!!). And Sunday has to match with “quality time”. I rarely go to East London as it takes a while (and usually I […]