Beauty Giveaway graphic

Beauty Giveaway

Oh dear! Tonight let’s celebrate! There is actually NOT much to celebrate, but I have moved to London, I am happy here and I want to share this with you. Or maybe let’s share the fact that you are still here following me from an adventure to another one, from a cold country to a […]

Christmas Giveaway graphic

Christmas Giveaway

Christmas is coming so fast! Have you done all your Christmas shopping? I did…well I started in October to make sure I don’t end up over stress with that. AND you know what: I have a gift for you too 🙂 I am super excited to offer for 1 of you, pretty lady: 1 soap […]

Another beautiful giveaway // 4 graphic

Another beautiful giveaway // 4

Happy Sunday ladies! What are you up to today? I am home sweet home (it happens sometimes between 2 planes) and having a great family day so far. The last Beauty Giveaway is over and as I have received a lot of requests, comments and ideas for a new one, I thought I would not […]

Beauty Giveaway ~ 3 graphic

Beauty Giveaway ~ 3

Lovelies, happy Friday! I am so excited to post another little beauty giveaway. Who do not like to take care of herself (said the girl who goes to the Spa quite often 🙂)?  The Beauty Box includes 1 Sparkling Body Shimmer (100 ml) by Nougat London, 1 Mango Lip Butter (10 ml) by the Body […]

Teaser of the week graphic

Teaser of the week

Do you want to know what comes next this week? Have a look at this teaser, I let you guess… Vous voulez savoir ce que je vous ai réservé cette semaine? Voici un petit teaser, je vous laisse deviner…

Back on Track! (Like for real) graphic

Back on Track! (Like for real)

How have you been doing this summer?  Where you have going on holidays? Pardon me my silence of the last months… I have been, let’s say, traveling a lot (this is part of my DNA), and thinking a lot about the future of this blog (seriously?). Oh yes! I have thought a lot about how […]

Beauty GiveAway 2 graphic

Beauty GiveAway 2

Hello everybody!! Today is not just an ordinary day: it is my Birthday so in order to celebrate all together that I am becoming older everyday – let me show you the giveaway I have prepared you!! Nothing better than sharing a little something with you guys after a busy day at work!So here is […]