DIY – Jewelry Box graphic

DIY – Jewelry Box

Do you want to see a big smile on the face of your friends when they open their birthday present? I do too! For once, I decided to use my 10 fingers (it can not be so hard right?) to modestly do something on my own. Not that I am a particulary creative person, even […]

DIY: Make your own cards graphic

DIY: Make your own cards

Hi there! I thought today I should share some DIY ideas on how to make your own cards. Do you remember when you were a kid (once upon a time…) and that you were writing long letters to your friends? Well, since how long have you not done that? I bet since a long time!!! […]

DIY: Candles Making graphic

DIY: Candles Making

Today my friends I am super excited to share with you a post on how to make candles! I have an insane candles consumption, I am candles addict or candles crazy (am I the only one??). It is saturday and it is raining here in London, so before I start to bake my cookies, let me […]

Flower Power graphic

Flower Power

Hi there! I don’t want to disappoint you but this post is not going to be about to how to “live as a hippie” ( I just thought that Flower Power as a title sounded “cool”?)… but more about making home to feel like HOME. I have been surrounded by an exotic jungle since I […]

DIY : Candles tutorial graphic

DIY : Candles tutorial

Tonight, there is in the program (mine, not the TV one): how to make a candle in 5 minutes? Ready, go! Ce soir, il y a au programme (le mien, pas celui de la télé): comment réaliser une bougie en 5 minutes?Allez on y go! For this “recipe”, you will need bites of bees wax […]

Teaser of the Week – 2 graphic

Teaser of the Week – 2

New teaser means new surprises…have you guess what comes next? Un nouveau teaser et de nouvelles surprises, vous devinez la suite?

DIY: Make your iPhone Cutomised Case graphic

DIY: Make your iPhone Cutomised Case

Are you tired of your Iphone case? I am too so I decided to make my own customized case. It is fun, fast and it makes your phone unique. Nice, right? Vous en avez marre de votre coque d’Iphone? Moi aussi alors je me suis lancée et j’ai customisé ma propre coque. Sympa non? Let’s […]