Homemade chocolate – coconut – nuts cookies graphic

Homemade chocolate – coconut – nuts cookies

Oh dear! I was craving for some delicious cookies today. I never did this recipe while it is such a classic, right? I always imagined it was complex to make it but seriously if you compare it to baking some madeleines, it is just a “piece of cake”. I love spending sundays in my kitchen […]

Banana and Nuts Cake graphic

Banana and Nuts Cake

November is here and it is time to get comfortable, to light candles, to drink some hot tea… and to bake some more 🙂 I live on my own and I like to please myself (yes yes, we only live once :). I cook all my meals, I bring them to my office and I […]

Pop Cakes Recipes graphic

Pop Cakes Recipes

My best friend has just left, she came with her two kids and it is time for me to blog a bit 🙂 Guess what I have make with the kids? A Pop Cake Cooking “Atelier”! The recipe is super easy. You will need: – 30 gr of flour – 30 gr of sugar – […]

DIY : Candles tutorial graphic

DIY : Candles tutorial

Tonight, there is in the program (mine, not the TV one): how to make a candle in 5 minutes? Ready, go! Ce soir, il y a au programme (le mien, pas celui de la télé): comment réaliser une bougie en 5 minutes?Allez on y go! For this “recipe”, you will need bites of bees wax […]

DIY: Make your iPhone Cutomised Case graphic

DIY: Make your iPhone Cutomised Case

Are you tired of your Iphone case? I am too so I decided to make my own customized case. It is fun, fast and it makes your phone unique. Nice, right? Vous en avez marre de votre coque d’Iphone? Moi aussi alors je me suis lancée et j’ai customisé ma propre coque. Sympa non? Let’s […]