Back on Track! (Like for real) graphic

Back on Track! (Like for real)

How have you been doing this summer?  Where you have going on holidays? Pardon me my silence of the last months… I have been, let’s say, traveling a lot (this is part of my DNA), and thinking a lot about the future of this blog (seriously?). Oh yes! I have thought a lot about how […]

2014 will be amazing ! graphic

2014 will be amazing !

Berlin inspired me. Berlin fascinates me: it is a city that gives you the feeling that everything is possible. It makes me want to shout “I am the Master of my fate and the captain of my destiny” as Nelson Mandela would say. I want to live the life to the fullest!!!! I have big […]

2014 is almost here… graphic

2014 is almost here…

2014 is almost here and I am sure you have all a precise idea on how you want to celebrate New Years. Me too. I am in Berlin since a few days staying wih my so wonderful irish friend Susie ( as she just got off for work, I am taking the time to write […]

Christmas Shopping Wishlist graphic

Christmas Shopping Wishlist

Christmas is coming…have you bought everything yet? The countdown is on and there is only 24 hours (MORE OR LESS :)) left to buy the last gifts. So what are you going to get ?? Here is my personal wish list (the one I dream of): earrings from Gas, sweets from Hugo & Victor, l’art de la […]

Let’s get Xmassssy!! graphic

Let’s get Xmassssy!!

What is your favorite thing about Xmas? The 7 course meals that you mother cooks for the 25h, the gifts you discover under the Xmas tree ( you already know you will sell on ebay half to it the next day 🙂 ) or the Xmas atmosphere on the streets? What I love about it […]

Buenos Aires – I will be back! graphic

Buenos Aires – I will be back!

My stay in Buenos Aires was very short and work related. Only on my very last day I had a glimpse at the city. This is the kind of short trip that makes you feel alive! The only issue is that once you have had a bite at this kind of life you want more […]

Let’s Party at Milano! graphic

Let’s Party at Milano!

Hi everybody!! Very sorry for this long wait! I did not find the time between work, my trips…and my car accident to update my blog. Yes, I had a car accident the other day because of the ice and the snow we had ( if you follow my blog you may remember that I live […]