My hair likes Australian Organics graphic

My hair likes Australian Organics

When it comes to my hair, I take the matter very seriously, don’t you? I grew up watching Disney movies, thinking my hair would grow fast, would be long and beautiful (and also that I would become a princess) … I am afraid it does not always work like in the movie unfortunately (really??). I […]

Beauty Giveaway graphic

Beauty Giveaway

Oh dear! Tonight let’s celebrate! There is actually NOT much to celebrate, but I have moved to London, I am happy here and I want to share this with you. Or maybe let’s share the fact that you are still here following me from an adventure to another one, from a cold country to a […]

Christmas Giveaway graphic

Christmas Giveaway

Christmas is coming so fast! Have you done all your Christmas shopping? I did…well I started in October to make sure I don’t end up over stress with that. AND you know what: I have a gift for you too 🙂 I am super excited to offer for 1 of you, pretty lady: 1 soap […]

My Beauty Essentials graphic

My Beauty Essentials

Hi Ladies! I have, like you, a thousand of beauty products. I like to have them, to try new one, to keep them…and to have this  “OMG I have so many stuff, I shall give some away!” attitude. I used to be addicted to “My little Box”, then “My Glossy Box” and finally “My Birch […]

Another beautiful giveaway // 4 graphic

Another beautiful giveaway // 4

Happy Sunday ladies! What are you up to today? I am home sweet home (it happens sometimes between 2 planes) and having a great family day so far. The last Beauty Giveaway is over and as I have received a lot of requests, comments and ideas for a new one, I thought I would not […]

Beauty Routine graphic

Beauty Routine

Happy Monday ladies! Hope you had a wonderful week-end! I caught up with an old friend, Sophie, from my part, it was so nice to hang out with her and to show part of switzerland. Today I wanted to to talk to you about my beauty routine. I have a normal to dry skin. I […]