Hello lovely gals,

It has been a while but it is never too late. For my come-back (just laugh at me it is ok),  I want to share with you my journey to prime my health, energy and vitality. The last few years have been a bit tough, rough…and I got diagnosed with an overgrowth of Candida a few months ago. I was alays tired, lost my focus, had some months of insomnia,  and some skins irritations. My body and mind were dancing together to find the right balance but without my gut health in order it was impossible to be back to a happy healthy me. The only solution was to eliminate the bad bacteries and help the good one to grow. The only way to do it is to take out all the sugar and the carbs. So here we go, I am in a journey of a sugar free, carbs free diet!

It seems a bit barbarian at first but after the first overwhelm, it seems to be pretty natural to chose to live a healthy life! Let’s imagine the quality of our food represents the quality of our life. Yep, we can do better! We know we should not be eating too many processed food, sugar or carbs. We do though, because it is what is available at first glance in the super market. What is available everywhere is what makes money, not necessarily what is the best for you.

Just like you, I was getting some vegetables, but certainly and mostly more rice and pasta because it is filling, quick and easy. I have a pretty busy work life situation so I don’t have 2 hours to think “what I am going to eat” and “what I am going to cook. All of this is arguable though :)I am going to share with you how to make crazy nutritious delicious food  that can literally change your life. Here we go, I am on a mission. Busy gals, no more excuses!





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