A healthier life

          Hello lovely gals, It has been a while but it is never too late. For my come-back (just laugh at me it is ok),  I want to share with you my journey to prime my health, energy and vitality. The last few years have been a bit tough, rough…and I got diagnosed with […]

28 May 2017

Run Away With me

Escape to the Cornwall

London is addictive and getting out of London is also addictive and vital! Without any plan, accommodation or idea of where exactly we were going and to do what, one morning my friend and I, we just spontaneously drove for 5 hours to reach our final destination: the Cornwall. Blue sky, dark blue ocean, light blue […]

15 Jun 2016


[UN]REAL Exhibition by Peihang Huang

I have been blessed to meet wonderful people in London. Peihang Huang is one of them. I have met her at her birthday celebration dinner in August and we clicked right away. Pei is an artist, a painter, originally from Taipei who chose London to fulfill her dreams. I don’t know about you but I was always admired artists […]

11 Apr 2016


A day in Angel – London

Angel is my new favorite area in London (I think there must be a new one every 6 months), probably because of all the diversity of bars and restaurants…and the Vintage shops – where I have actually found the perfect vintage wedding dress (you know for the Big Day that is not gonna happen soon, not […]

6 Apr 2016

Around the world

A week in Fez, Morocco – 2

Hello little world! As promised last week, I am gonna tell you all about my trip in Fez 🙂 I stayed here for a week with my mother (yeah the BFF did not have any holidays and the boyfriend (?!!)…still looking for that one). With 7 days ahead of us in Morocco, we actually spent: […]

27 Mar 2016


DIY – Jewelry Box

Do you want to see a big smile on the face of your friends when they open their birthday present? I do too! For once, I decided to use my 10 fingers (it can not be so hard right?) to modestly do something on my own. Not that I am a particulary creative person, even […]

20 Mar 2016

Etérnelle voyageuse

A week in Fez, Morocco

I came back today at 2 am, slept 5 hours before to go back to work and had thought originally to not write any article before this week-end…but you know what? I just can’t wait to share my trip with you. This little week under the sun has completely recharge my batteries and I feel […]

19 Mar 2016